saguaro (object, 2005)

Saguaro is an object, hand knitted by me and made with sheep and horse yarn. It was produced for an invitation to participate in a site specific project at Hamar. I had studied this special succulent in the deserts in USA and found that the structure of the plant very much reminded me of a knitting pattern. Hamar was known to be a very quiet and safe area of Norway, and I thought that the place needed an interruption or a stranger,  so I planted Saguaro there, in between the Pine and Birch trees and overlooking the lake Mjøsa. The sculpture/object is four meters tall above the ground. (For more information see the text by Ingrid Blekastad. )



Saguaro has also been exhibited at Wergelands Hus, Eidsvoll


and the world spins around (object and book, 2008)

Two objects I made for an invitation to have a show at SOFT Gallery, Oslo. My idea was to create an object that illustrated the Earth. I wanted the audience to have a feeling of being somewhere else, meeting the Earth as an object in a room. The globe had a welded iron skeleton, covered with many layers of soft materials. The object was in human-size, and audience could hug the Earth, was my idea. The object was constructed as a patch work with all the countries in the world, sewed onto a blue filtered wool material. The countries were made with skin-toned cotton (the same material which is used for making soft dolls) All the boarders between every country was stitched with neon-threads, which reacted to light. So when the light were turned off in the gallery (time-controlled with repetitions) all the boarders lighted up in neon color.

The book was the other object. It contains of 3087 small paper cuts, with names of all known wars in the world’s history, glued into the book. I managed to track 3087 wars, with help from Nobels Fredssenter . Unfortunately, I now have to put in new wars, that has taken place the last years, since I made this object.


 “and the world spins around” (the book)