sleepers  (2003—2007)

is the title I used for several art works. It started with photos taken of persons, found sleeping alone, out on the busy streets of New York City. Homeless people are, at worst, called outcasts. I wanted to give them a form of artistic attention and show them dignity. (See text by Gunnar Dambolt.)

“sleepers” (photo series c-prints)

when we are asleep we are somewhere else, we dream, and nobody can take the dreams away from us

A series of digital edited photos where sleeping persons have been lifted up from the streets and placed in trees.


"bed" (c-prints)

"sleepers" (c-prints)

Photos where the sleepers` bodies are cut out of the image

"sleepers" represented as public art

Two photos from the series were exhibited in large scale on the front wall of Oslo Central station  (2004 and 2011, initiated by Kulturbyrået Mesen). The series are also permanently shown in Helse Midt-Norge Trondheim, Kirkens Hus Oslo and Borgating Lagmannsrett Oslo

"pillows"  (objects, photo developed on textile)

Photographic objects. The images are the outcasts from another photo series (see above). The photos are made 3 dimential, stuffed and sewed together. The size of the objects are about the same as a sleeping pillow. My idea was that they could be placed on our sofas and be our pillows, when we needed to rest. In that manner we would embrace them. Here they take part in an exhibition (Art Textiles Norway)  in M K Ciurlionis National Museum, Kaunas.

"sleepers"  (wallpaper)

The image was exhibited in large scale, from floor to roof as part of an exhibition at Trafo Kunsthall


"sleepers 3-dimentions" (2007)

The images are printed on a textile material and formed to be three dimensional objects, in full scale (1 : 1 human size ). The work was made for an invitation to participate at a land-art project ( curated by Marie Gyatri ) in Alingsås, Sweden. The objects were placed on branches high up in a beech-tree forest. They took also part in the Norwegian Sculpture Biennale (2008 ) at The Vigeland Museum, and was for that occasion placed up in trees in Vigelandsparken, Oslo.