mapping an artist’s landscape — clouds hanging over (2012)

- was my contribution to an art project called “Refleks”. It took place in Tysvær County in Rogaland. The starting point for Refleks, was a local debate about plans for building a new shopping center in the county. There were already several shopping centers in the surroundings, so the question was, if another one actually was needed. The county has a still alive farming culture, with many local farms producing milk, cheese, meat and vegetables. But the modern lifestyle, with it’s oil related industry and well paid jobs, moves the society away from the local lifestyle towards the global consuming society. The famous painter Lars Hertervig grew up here. I adore his artworks and in this project I let him be my “secret companion”. My contribution was a photo book, a video, a binoculars-object containing a slideshow and photos (c-prints).


sense of being (c-print)


hello Tysvær  (slideshow, documentary photos from the county)

stills from the video


mapping an artis’s landscape — clouds hanging over (video)

The video is made by editing a collection of still photos that are documentation from a commerce area, built up in a suburbia near Tysvær. I question how these new landscapes, with it’s architecture, signs and advertisements affect us, both mentally and physiological. I believe these constructed public spaces are a result of the highest priority in our modern society, when it comes to values:   money, and nothing else. Often these commerce eras are build on old farmland. And we know it takes hundreds of years to build up good soil for food production.

The music is from Eric Satie’s composition “Socrate”.  The texts are parts of a Greek tragedy. It is Aristotle walking together with Phaedra, discussing philosophical questions and commenting on the landscape they walk through. E. Satie commented on this composition: “The aesthetic of this music is dedicated to clarity; simplicity accompanies and directs it”.

The video is my idea of walking, together with my secret friend Lars Hertervig, discussing what we see..


sense of being (object/photobook)

Lars Hertervig was born in 1830 on Borgøy, an island in Tysvær county. He is special known for his paintings of wild nature, skies and clouds, all typically for this area. He has become the cultural capital for Tysvær, and everybody seems to be proud of this fact. Today he sits on a chair, as a small bronze sculpture, overlooking the public marketplace. From history we know he had a very troubeled life, and died very poor. I visited Borgøy, with my camera, to explore the landscape where he grew up. It is still pure and wild nature, it has never been cultivated and is therefore very much like when Lars Hertervig lived there. I collected the documentation photos in a book I titeled:  “sense of being — mapping an artist’s landscape