reception area (c-prints, 1999)

I made the photo series by documenting the entrance at different art galleries in New York. I was interested in how these galleries exposed themselves to the public. It seemed to be a trend with special designed reception desks. The art they actual exhibited are only shown as part of an object, a painting or part of an artist’s name in the motives. In this manner, the work reflects on positions and power structures in the art-world


The series were shown at Kunstnernes Hus ( Oslo) in their gallery space where you have to pass a special designed reception desk.

journey (c-prints, 2000)

The idea of traveling is an old metaphor, well known through the history of literature. It is also used in films, known as road-movies, and I play with that manner in this photo series. Some of the scenery, in the images, can be recognized from well known films. The widescreen format commentate on the film medium, but is also the format of the front window in a car. In the images we are in two rooms at the same time, both inside and outside. (For more information see the text by Truls Ramberg.)



desert (c-prints, 2005)

I find these succulents very interesting. Visually I think they look like sea plants, although they exist in a totally different environment. They grow in the desert, under extremely dry conditions. Scientists believe that the Saguaro cactus and Joshua Tree may have survived an earlier climate change, from being tropic trees, to become succulents. They absorb water when it rains and then expand. For that reason they can survive several years without a drop of rain, only using their own “watertank” I also see them as part of my childhood`s “mythic” culture: the American wild west, as it was exposed to me through movies and magazines.