installation with video (1990)

This was my first video-work. An installation containing an empty room with two cut wholes in one of the walls, from where two eyes were looking out. It was my eyes that was filmed and edited. The video screen was hidden behind the wall. It was a kind of self portrait. I made the video the last year of my study at the sculpture department the Academy of Fine Art in Oslo. I had destroyed all my earlier works and was now questioning myself: What is important to create? I felt that the art scene, at least in Norway, were too focused on producing even sculptures or paintings. I could not find any inspiration from what was told me at the Art Academy. I realized I only had myself for expression, and I was looking out, into an empty room.


installation with emergency signs  (1992)

This artwork contains of 20 emergency signs with light, a video with a person running on a treadmill (the actress Trine Falch ) and a shouting voice (mixed with the sound from running) of a person trying to sell artworks, in an extreemly high tempo (recorded from an art auction).


kitch meeting icons meeting us  (installation, 1993 )

During the 1990’s the art discourse in Oslo started to change. The idea that a work of art only could appear as an original or unique piece, was questioned. This was also very much the theme in my installation, where I exposed small porcelain figures on one side of the show room, and portraits of famous portrait paintings from the renaissance period on the opposite part of the room. The paintings were shown as slide projections on a thin veil (projected from behind), like ghost from the past. The idea of using porcelain figures was, that for some reason, everyone had such figures at home. Under the left corner of the veil, there was a monitor with an animated video of the porcelain animals moving around, on a stage. This made a kind of interruption for the famous and iconic portraits. Both, the porcelain animals on very high pedestals and the painted Renaissance portraits on the veil, were gazing out in the room and facing each other. The audience could move in between.