situations (1988)

This is some of my earliest works (1988). When I started studying and working with art, I had a strong need for experimenting with different forms and materials. I wanted to explore what they could express in an artistic context. Sofa pillows interested me in particular. I grew up in a culture where the women were housewives and spent time sewing tablecloths and sofa pillows. The pillows were a kind of status symbols and put on the top of the sofa. So actually, they where objects and not made for use. Most persons also use pillows under their heads when they sleep. I used the pillows as a symbol for housewives’ creativity, but also as a form and object closely connected to our bodies. Pillows are often stuffed with bird`s feathers. I also experimented with the feathers directly connected to the body, and in connection with a cast form of a concrete-pillow. “waterpillow” was another object, were I made cast forms in plastic and filled them with water in different blue tones.

"inner room" (installation 1988)

was exhibited in the basement of the Gallery UKS in Oslo. This is an old historic building that used to be a part for the Akershus Fortress and Castle. The room had been used to store dead prisoners waiting to get used for medical autopsy. In the installation I covered the floor with feathers, cut out of sleeping pillows. The pillow resting upon the feathers was “breathing” in a very slow pulse, with help from a small mechanical machine, designed to make this particular movement. The mechanic was hidden inside the object and moved the pillow up and down and gave the illusion of a sleeping object. The entrance to the room was closed by a metallic grid.