I started exploring photography very young, as my father bought a camera he allowed me to use. I cleared away all my parents clothes from their closet, and transformed it to become a darkroom. Ever since I have been obsessed by the magic of how a camera can copy the reality and store it on a light sensitive film or surface . At the College of Art and Handcraft I studied textile and later, at the Art Academy, I studied sculpture. After finishing my art studies in 1991, I worked several years with installations, using objects, texts, videos and photos. But the camera has always been with me, and many of my art works are camera based works. Having a strong ability and interest for observation, the camera often helps me to store what I see, also mentally. It helps me sorting out, so that I don’t need to carry with me all the emotions from all the experiences. I store the emotions in the camera, and have collected a big archive over the years, both analog and digital. I often experiment with materials and different ways to develop photography or photo-realistic objects and sculptures. Even if I use photography in my works and processes, I am closely connected to three-dimensional art, with it`s forms and materials. What I often see in my own images is like ; I observe as a painter and form them as a sculptor ( in further photo-editing processes )

I have always worked experimentally with art, and I try to question different phenomenons through visualizing. I need to feel as free as possible from everything, to create and think, and I have a never ending need to question our existence and how we plan and function within our lives, societies and environments.